Welcome to the SIIM

Welcome to the SIIM

It is time for the South Island & our people to free ourselves from Wellington & establish the South as the Sovereign and Independent Nation it should be.

Who we are:
We are the South Island Independence Movement, a Social, Political and Economic Organisation focused on Southern Community Building, Empowerment, and Unity for the purpose of building the structures needed to provide the South Island people with a strong and secure independent future.

What we want:
1: Complete South Island Independence from the North Island & the Wellingtonian Government.

2: An end to Globalist Elite Trade Deals/Influence.

3: Diplomatic Neutrality (Switzerland of the South Seas).

4: A return to genuine and total Sovereignty of the South and the Autonomy that comes with that.

Our Political Policies:
We stand to truly put the South Island’s priorities first! As such we will advocate and promote:

1: Protect and Promote our unique European & Maori Common Culture and Heritage from outside influences.

2: Leave the UN, TPPA and other Internationalist Trade Deals and Globalist Organisations.

3: Promote Traditionalism, Protectionism, Patriotism and Reformation of the South Island’s Western Values.

4: Restore, Utilize and Protect our beautiful and unique Natural Environment.

5: Implement “Citizen Only” ownership of South Island Land, Housing and Assets.

6: A Full Restructure of Welfare, Tax, Immigration and Education Policies and Systems.

7: Implement a Full Restructure and Revitalization of the NZ/SI Defense Force to better suit the increasingly unstable and uncertain world we live in and to better protect our nation and EEZ from foreign and illegal activities and influences.

The three areas that I believe we need to focus on are:
1: Community.
This is the heart of the SIIM. The connection of like minded South Islanders and our sympathetic North Island counterparts. For the South to move towards independence or even just holding it’s own from an advocacy point of view, we need to grow and develop a greater sense of Southern Unity. This is something that is starting to flourish online, however it is best brought about through real world interactions. 

Simply meeting up with another SIIM supporter for coffee, attending a local SIIM BBQ or going along to a local meeting does amazing things for morale and local connection.

Eventually I would love to see SIIM Members and supporters engaging in local actives, hosting local ‘Southern’ events/festivals, etc, anything that promotes Southern Culture and Pride. Unity of the South is and will be the true Key to our success as a Movement.

2: Politics.
On the 2nd of May, we established and incorporated the ‘South Island Party’. This is the Political Wing of the South Island Independence Movement, however it is and MUST be a separate organisation with separate goals to the rest of the SIIM, not so much pushing for South Island independence, but rather: 

1: Greater Representation of the Southern Vote in Parliament
2: Advocating Greater Southern Autonomy.
3: And in time, pushing for the establishment of a Devolved Southern Parliament (not unlike those in the States of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States).

3: Economy.
In order to grow a stronger South Island and better secure our chances of actually achieving independence, we need to build and fortify our own internal Southern Economy. From as simple as “Shop Southern” to supporting, investing in or starting more Southern based businesses all the way to pooling together to start buying up Southern Land & Businesses that come up on the market to keep them in Southern hands, which again helps grow and secure what we want to achieve.  

If we can tie these three aspects together, we will be on the right track to win our freedom, and at the very worse, even if the South never becomes Independent, at least we can make sure the South is the best place in NZ to be in, work in and thrive in.

For up to date information about the Movement please Like and Follow our Facebook page facebook.com/SouthIslandMovement
and if you want to engage in our online discussion, please join our Facebook discussion group: facebook.com/groups/568862759856749

9 Replies to “Welcome to the SIIM”

  1. There are really only four options:
    Christchurch (earthquake prone and a swamp), Dunedin (historic Capital of the South, no room for expansion), Timaru (Central to the whole Island, room to expand, underdeveloped) or built from the ground up.

  2. I suppose Timaru could be a Canberra type compromise between Christchurch and Dunedin as capital. What do you think?

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