About the Movement

It is time for the South Island & our people to free ourselves from Wellington & establish the South as the Sovereign and Independent Nation it should be.

Who we are:
We are the South Island Independence Movement, a Social, Political and Economic Organisation focused on Southern Community Building, Empowerment, and Unity for the purpose of building the structures needed to provide the South Island people with a strong and secure independent future.

What we want:
1: Complete South Island Independence from the North Island & the Wellingtonian Government.
2: An end to Globalist Elite Trade Deals/Influence.
3: Diplomatic Neutrality (Switzerland of the South Seas).
4: A return to genuine and total Sovereignty of the South and the Autonomy that comes with that.

Our Political Policies:
We stand to truly put the South Island’s priorities first! As such we will advocate and promote:
1: Protect and Promote our unique European & Maori Common Culture and Heritage from outside influences.
2: Leave the UN, TPPA and other Internationalist Trade Deals and Globalist Organisations.
3: Promote Traditionalism, Protectionism, Patriotism and Reformation of the South Island’s Western Values.
4: Restore, Utilize and Protect our beautiful and unique Natural Environment.
5: Implement “Citizen Only” ownership of South Island Land, Housing and Assets.
6: A Full Restructure of NZ Welfare, Immigration and Education Policies and Systems.
7: Implement a Full Restructure and Revitalization of the NZ/SI Defense Force to better suit the increasingly unstable and uncertain world we live in and to better protect our nation and EEZ from foreign and illegal activities and influences.